Our process provides efficient on-boarding and, once set up, is completely automated. A managed account format minimizes due diligence time, seeks to mitigate operational risks, provides full transparency, is cost-effective, and protects against the possibility of fraud. While you may rely on your own reporting, we provide comprehensive trade-confirmation accounting on a same-day basis. Here is how the process typically goes:

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Step 1 - LEARN

Our experts will sit with you until we fully understand all the requirements and constraints of your portfolio. Then we provide back to you a comprehensive document confirming your needs. We will sign an investment management agreement that incorporates the agreed-upon requirements.

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Step 2 - CONNECT

Our team will work with yours to establish the physical trading connection to your traders so that we may send them signals on a bi-daily basis. Alternatively, we can execute the trades on your behalf in your managed account.

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step 3 - AUTOMATE

Once we are connected to, and permissioned by you, we begin running your specific mandate on our supercomputers twice each day and issue the resulting signals for trading.

Our management fees are charged monthly in arrears. You may cancel our services at any time and fees will be pro-rated to the day.

That's it.